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Beito Climbing Park

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Beito Climbing Park is a fun and challenging park in the forest in Beito. The elements in our climbing park are built with ropes and create more movement on the slopes. Beito High Ropes Course is located in scenic surroundings in the Beito forest. There are three different trails marked green, red and black. The black trail is the most challenging of the three trails.
Climbers must be above 130 cm to reach the rope. Duration 1,5-2 h de ticket is valid for 1 round in the 3 diffrent slopes.
The park is located in a private area and it is not possible to climb without an appointment in advance.
The climbing park is located in Beito. For driving directions click here: The instructors will meet you at the park.


Fishing boat rental

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We have three fiberglass boats for rent in lake Øyangen. Each boat has space for 4 people. Life vests and fuel is included in the price.
The boat fishing season on Øyangen is from 15th of June to 25th of August. Fishing permits for angling from boats NOK. 80, – per. person per day. Free under 16 years. Licences can be bought here: During the summer holiday it is wise to book a boat in advance of arrival since there is greater demand these weeks. For the avid fisherman or for beginners, our fishing guides can be hired year round.


Besseggen guided hike summer 2024

Besseggen 28 Juni 2023 (22)

Are you ready for an unforgettable hiking experience?The hike is approximatley 17 kilomters long and takes around 6-10 hours, depending of fitness level and weather conditions.

The trail goes along steep cliff, rocky terrain and the hike is a challenging but rewarding experience. It offers breathtakeing scnery and a sense of accomplishment. It's a must-do for any hiking enthusiast visiting Norway,

With the view of Jotunheimen resting between the serene waters of Gjende and Bessvatnet. Besseggen offers a breathtaking panorama that showcases the blue Bessvatnet on one side, and the green-hued Gjende on the other.

It is highly recommended to equip yourself with hiking boots that you have previously worn as the terrain is rocky and that necessitate ankle support.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to experience the beauty of Norway’s mountains.

Summer 2024, we offer guided tours on set dates. Do you want your own private guide, please contact our booking office via email


Gorge Walking in Gipa -River walk


A short distance away from the center of Beitostølen you will find Raudalen and Gipa, where our gorge walk trips take place. Gorge walk involves walking up the canyon in the river, so you will get wet! During the trek we pass waterfalls of up to 100 m and other spectacular "photo moments" along the way. 
The trip requiers medium fitness. If you want, we'll stop along the way and swim in the water falls.
We recommend good hiking shoes and wool socks. Bring a change of clothes and shell clothing, an extra pair of dry shoes. Pack a nice snack and drink.


Rock Climbing on Heklefjell

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Our Rock Climbing activity is perfect for those who are new to, or have little experience in rock climbing.
Beitostølen Aktiv has a climbing area at Heklefjell mountain that can be found about 5 minutes by car from the center of Beitostølen On Heklefjell there are routes suitable both for beginners and for the more experienced climber. At the start of the activity, your guide will give a safety briefing and instruction on how to climb in a safe and secure way. 

Rock climbing is open summer and fall.
Avalible dates you will find in the booking calender.
Groups and events please contact our booking office for an offer and more information.


Cliff jumping

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The Veo river gorge lies a short drive arrive from Beitostølen and is an eldorado for gorge jumping. We follow the river through narrow gorges and play with the various fun challenges we meet along the way. With 1 to 10 meter high rock cliff jumps into plunge pools, there are challenges for everyone. The trip takes around 4 hours, including return travel to Beitostølen. Transportation to the start: Own car or by agreement with the guide. Driving time approx. 50 minutes from the center of Beitostølen
Age limit 10 years old.


Mini climbing Park

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The Mini-Beito Climbing Park is a shotert but fun and challenging track in the forest in Beito. Next to the big Beitoklatrepark. Suitible for children 4-8 yeras old above 105 cm.
The elements in the climbing park are built with ropes and create more movement on the slopes. The park is located in scenic surroundings in the Beito forest. The park is located in a private area and it is not possible to climb without an appointment in advance.

The climbing park is located in Beito. For driving directions The instructors will meet you at the park.

Open in summer and autumn. Check the booking calendar for available dates.


Trout Fishing Adventure

Introduction to fishing

Are you ready to dip your toes into the world of fishing? Join our Trout Fishing Adventure, a delightful 3-4 hour tour that combines nature, learning, and If you are lucky and get the thrill of catching your own dinner.


Tour Highlights:

  • Mountain Lakes Exploration: We’ll go on a short hike to one of the stunning mountain lakes near Beitostølen. Picture crystal-clear waters reflecting the surrounding peaks – a serene setting for our fishing escapade.
  • Fresh Mountain Catch: These pristine lakes are teeming with trout. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a curious beginner, the thrill of feeling a tug on your line is universal. Our guide will share tips and tricks to maximize your chances of success.
  • All-Inclusive Experience: No need to bring your own gear! Our guide will provide fishing rods, tackle, and the necessary fishing license. Just show up with your enthusiasm and a sense of adventure.
  • Seasonal Wisdom: Our guide knows these waters like the back of their hand. They’ll choose the perfect fishing spot based on the season and weather conditions. Whether it’s spring, summer, or fall, there’s always a chance to reel in a beauty.
  • No Experience Required: This tour is for everyone – from curious beginners to those who’ve dabbled in fishing before. Come with an open mind, and we’ll make sure you leave with a smile and maybe even a trout for dinner.


Practical Details:

  • Group Size: Limited to 8 guests, ensuring a personalized experience.
  • Maximum Fun: Fresh air, mountain views, and the joy of fishing – what more could you ask for?

Half-Day Hiking Adventure

Besseggen Event (4)

Our Half-Day Hiking Adventure is tailor-made for beginners who want to discover the magic of mountain trails.The hike is approximatley takes around 4 hours. ·       

Depending on weather conditions and the season, our guide will choose the perfect route for the day. Beitostølen offers a variety of scenic trails right at our doorstep.

Our knowledgeable guides will be your hiking companions, sharing essential tips and tricks. Learn how to make your mountain hikes enjoyable while leaving minimal impact on nature.

So lace up those boots, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and let’s create hiking memories that last a lifetime. 



Villmarkspa Juli 2023 Agnes (15)

Wilderness luxury in the mountains. You will find this mountain oasis 10 minutes from the center of Beitostølen When you walk into the forest and out to the cliffs all you have to do is relax and enjoy. As the sun sets over the mountains it's time for a uniqe nature experience. In winter you can use the snow shoes the last bit until you reach the sauna and hot tub. With the wood-fired sauna and hot tub you will quickly warm up. When the temperature rises to its maximum, all you have to do is to get outside and jump into the lake or perhaps roll in the snow as a true Viking.
If you are extra lucky you'll see the northen lights dancing around Bitihorn while you're sitting in the hot tub.


Dog sledding on wheels

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Adventurous fun and an active summer experience with a focus on animals and nature


Canoe trips and canoe rentals


On a warm summer day, refreshing water activities are tempting. Guided tours every day. Shorter family-friendly trips and longer evening tours including a genuine outdoor dinner. If you have paddled before, it is also possible to rent the equipment and paddle on your own. Choose between a canoe, sit-on-top kayak, or SUP board.


Mountain hikes with huskies

Fjellvandring Med Huskyer

The dogs in Beito are excellent hiking companions and always ready to join a hike. Summit hikes to well-known peaks and easier mountain walks to hidden gems in the area. The difficulty level and length of the hike are tailored to your needs.


Puppy Training


**Perfect summer activity for the whole family and all dog lovers!**


Riding Lessons, Myhre Gård

Myhre Gård 6

Myhre Gård offers riding lessons for all levels, year-round. Safe horses and experienced instructors ensure good progress and a sense of accomplishment, regardless of skill level.

Myhre Gård has an outdoor arena and an indoor riding hall, allowing instruction to be conducted regardless of the season or weather conditions.

In addition to individual lessons, they offer Riding School (year-round or half-year courses), weekend courses, and riding camps during all holidays!


Horseback Riding Tours Summer/Fall, Myhre Gård

Ridning Med Myhre

Horseback Riding Tours for Beginners, Intermediate, and Experienced Riders

Myhre Gård arranges guided tours daily upon request, from short rides to several-hour excursions.

The tours are tailored for young children as young as 2 years old.