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Track Report

The Daily Trail Report for Beitostølen Trails can be found here

Accessibility and Inclusivity

We strive to cater to every need, ensuring that Beitostølen becomes a welcoming destination for all. This commitment impacts every aspect of our operations, as we aim to establish ourselves as Norway's premier destination for accessibility. Explore more about our dedication to facilitation here.

Where can I find tourist information?

At the central square, next to SPAR, below Lodge 900, you'll find Tourist Information, ski rental, and bike rental services.

Where can I charge my electric car?

News! TESLA supercharger are now available at Beitostølen. See our guide to fast chargers  at Beitostølen

About Visit Beitostølen

We focus on public amenities and facilitating services for businesses, residents, cabin owners, and visitors. Our goal is for this portal to serve as a platform where we collaborate to share valuable and up-to-date information and knowledge that is important for everyone in Beitostølen

Contact and Information

Tourist information is located at the center under Lodge900.


Tel: 61 35 94 20


Mountain Safety Tips

Caution - Check Avalanche Risk

Before you set out on a winter mountain tour, we recommend consulting local guides if you are unfamiliar with the area. There are also valuable tools available for you to use, including avalanche forecasting, weather forecasts, and maps accessible through apps, GPS, and traditional map or compass. These are tools we recommend familiarizing yourself with to ensure safety in the mountains.

Mountain Code

Make your mountain trip a safer experience by following these rules:

  1. Plan your trip and inform someone about your route.

  2. Adjust your trip based on your skills and the current conditions.

  3. Take weather and avalanche forecasts into account.

  4. Be prepared for bad weather and cold, even on short trips.

  5. Bring necessary equipment to help yourself and others.

  6. Make safe route choices. Recognize avalanche-prone terrain and unstable ice.

  7. Use a map and a compass. Always know your location.

  8. Turn back when necessary; there's no shame in it.

  9. Save your energy and seek shelter if necessary.

Alerts and Emergency Numbers

Emergency Numbers

51 55 70 00 Main Rescue Coordination Centre

1412 TDD (text telephone for the deaf and hard of hearing)

22 59 13 00 Poison Information Centre

61 36 10 44 Valdres Alarm Central (medical emergencies)