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Is Beitostølen suitable for me? We have gathered information that we hope can be useful to you when planning your visit to Beitostølen. Our aim is to make your stay with us feasible, comfortable, practical, and functional.

A Destination Accessible to All

The tourism industry should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age, life stage, ability, or circumstances.

Beitostølen has a long tradition of accessibility since Erling Stordahl established the Beitostølen Health Sports Center (BHSS) and the Ridderrennet.

Today, Beitostølen is a modern and compact destination with a wide range of experiences. The destination is built on the values of equal access for all. Although we have not yet fully achieved a completely accessible Beitostølen, we are working towards realizing our vision of becoming the best-accessible destination in Norway.

How to Use This Guide

The purpose of this guide is to make it easier for you to plan your visit to Beitostølen. The guide is divided into sections for better navigation.

On the website, you'll find information about activities and events. Click on the wheelchair symbol to learn about the accessibility of each activity and event.

Comprehensive mapping is taking place to ensure that all information is as relevant and accurate as possible.

1. Before Arrival - Plan Your Visit

Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are warmly welcomed in all shops, eateries, and hotels in Beitostølen.


Companions with companion passes enjoy complimentary access to the following activities and events in Beitostølen:

  • Ski lifts

  • Trollrock festival

  • Beitosprinten, World Cup, and other events at the Ski Stadium.

Wheelchairs and Adapted Equipment

We have extensive experience in accommodating guests with various disabilities. The Beitostølen Helsessportssenter maintains a large inventory of activity aids, which are readily available upon request.

For any inquiries or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact Viljar Aasen.

The most convenient way to reach Beitostølen is by car or bus. However, we highly recommend utilizing the bus service whenever possible for its sustainability.

JVB, the local transportation company, operates express routes connecting Oslo, Fagernes, and Beitostølen (extending to Bygdin and Gjendesheim during the summer months). Additionally, they run the East-West Express from Bergen and from Lillehammer/Gjøvik.

All express buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts and are universally designed to meet the needs of passengers with disabilities, adhering to public transportation regulations.

For detailed information on bus accessibility, please visit the NOR-WAY Bussekspress website.

To ensure your seat, especially if traveling with a wheelchair (as wheelchair-accessible spots are limited), it's advisable to book your ticket in advance.

Accessible Parking

For short-term parking (up to 2 hours), you'll find spaces at most shops in Beitostølen, including SPAR-huset, Kiwi, Sporten, COOP, and the square outside the welcome center.

For longer stays, there are parking options available in the area behind the bus stop in the center or at Radisson Blu Resort. Both locations offer easy access to the entire center, with no level differences into the hotel.

HC Parking is located south of the Peppes Pizza building.

Refer to the map below for an overview of all HC parking spaces in Beitostølen and the surrounding area.

Welcome Center

Outside the Welcome Center, visitors can find benches and tables (during the summer months), with no level differences in the building itself. Inside, there are designated rest areas.

HC Toilets

Accessible toilets are available in the Lodge 900 building, situated to the right of the Welcome Center on the 1st floor.

Additional accessible toilets can be found in the street between the Lodge building and Riddertunet. Simply take the elevator to the second floor of the Lodge building, exit at street level, and you'll find the toilets on your left.

Accessible toilets are also available in the Kiwi, Spar, and Coop stores

Getting Around

Beitostølen boasts a compact center with one main road and short distances between accommodations, shops, restaurants, and activities.

The center features walkways and sidewalks with minimal inclines, as well as access to both indoor and outdoor parking. While walkways in the center are naturally defined, providing guidance, there's a need for safer pedestrian access outside the Spar store, near larger parking areas, and at road crossings. Access to various shops, restaurants, and hotels is relatively flat, with nearby HC parking spaces.

Two elevators provide access to the upper side of the center, where you'll find the ski lifts, Jotunstogo, Intersport, and Lodge 900. One elevator is located to the right of the main entrance to the Welcome Center, and the other is in the SPAR building. Enter through the parking lot to the right and into Spar, or through the main entrance to Spar, straight through and to the right.

Continuously improving accessibility is a priority in Beitostølen. Planned upgrades include widening some HC parking spaces, providing clearer signage and information, and ensuring safer access for the visually impaired. We welcome any further suggestions for improvement.

Accessible Walkways

The entire center of Beitostølen is asphalted, facilitating easy navigation with wheeled equipment during the summer months. However, winter conditions may pose challenges due to snow accumulation.

A walkway from Myhre Gard, south of Beitostølen, up to Garli spans 8 km.

The walkway from the center of Beitostølen down to Beitostølen Health Sports Center (BHSS) is clearly marked with visual and tactile boundaries for easy navigation. Along the walkways, benches provide resting spots.

The road from the center to Garli covers approximately 5.1 km, with some steeper sections and a total ascent of 206 meters.

From Garli, during the summer, you can access a wheelchair- and stroller-friendly mountain trail, approximately 2 km long, with pleasant rest areas at the end and benches along the way.

Seating and Shelter

Ample seating areas are available along Beitostølen's walkways. Inside the Welcome Center, you'll find seating and shelter.

Outside Jotunstogo (on the second level, accessible by elevator), outdoor seating areas furnished in contrasting colors offer additional comfort.


We value your thoughts on your visit. Please share what worked well and where we could improve. Your feedback is important to us.

If you have any suggestions for enhancement, feel free to email us

Beitostølen Tourist Office:

Tel. 61359410 Email:

Øystre Slidre Medical Center:

Tel. 61352900 Emergency Assistance: 61352920 For immediate danger to life and health: 113

VLMS (Valdres Local Medical Center):

116117 (Emergency Medical Services)

Beitostølen Health Sports Center:

Contact Person: Viljar Aasen

Tips and Topics

On the map, you can see trails and roads that are accessible for wheelchairs, strollers, and similar vehicles. We've also marked HC parking and restrooms as points on the map.




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