Discover our diverse selection of dining options, catering services, and nightlife venues.

Beitostølen has transformed into a modern and dynamic mountain village, boasting a remarkable array of restaurants and nightlife spots.

Our nightlife venues serve as key social hubs for both permanent residents and visitors, fostering a sense of community and connection. 

Many of these establishments also provide excellent options for private events, with several offering convenient catering services.

Check our availability guide for updated information about easy access venues. 

Cafeen Inne

Casual Dining

The restaurant Cafeen convey an intimate ambiance, ideal for reconnecting with friends over heartfelt conversations.

Casa Montagna offers a taste of Italy with its authentic cuisine and extensive wine selection.

Lodge 900 boasts modern, expansive spaces that effortlessly shift from a cozy lunch spot to a laid-back dining experience, transitioning smoothly into a vibrant nightlife destination with contemporary music later in the evening.

Steaks & Bones is your go-to for mouthwatering grilled dishes and savory meat specialties.



Family Favourites

In the heart of Beitostølen, you'll find two favored family-friendly establishments. Both restaurants offer spacious settings and dedicated play areas for the little ones!

Jotunstogo serves up traditional Norwegian food and delicious dishes catering to every family member's taste. Its generous space tends to fill up during peak hours, with the "Today's Special" being a local favorite. The restaurant specialises in lunch and early dinner, as it closes at 18.00 p.m. 

Peppes Pizza is a renowned and reliable choice for families and pizza enthusiasts alike, offering a comforting ambiance and, of course, delicious pizzas.

Bryggerihuset Meny

Nightlife Venues

Experience the lively nightlife of Beitostølen!

With a diverse and high-quality offering, including live music, DJs, and themed nights, there's something for everyone. Follow our events calendar and don't miss anything! 

Bryggerihuset boasts the widest selection of beers in Beitostølen. Summer 2024 they expand their offer by adding outdoors grilling on the front porch. 

"Svingen" stands as a beloved landmark in Beitostølen, representing a sense of tradition and community spirit that has endured over time.

Lobbybar1 is an easy access venue, on the ground floor at Radisson Blu Mountain Resort. It offers a nice, warm  atmosphere with a wide variety of drinks and cocktails.

Lodge 900 goes through a remarkable transformation into a buzzing party destination once the kitchen closes and the chef goes home for the night.

Vinstogo at Jotunstogo is tucked away behind the main restaurant and is perfect for a cozy evening with cheese and wine.

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Catering and Private Events

Most of our restaurants offer catering and take away possibilities. You can pick up your food, get it delivered at your door and even order your own private chef.

Grønolen Fjellgard is a traditional Mountain Lodge located a few kilometers from Beitostølen sentrum that offers the perfect setting for weddings and private events. They offer a 3 courses dinner every evening (must be ordered in advance).

You can book the venues at historical Herang Tunet Boutique Hotell for private parties and events. Dinner can also be booked at the hotell in advanced. 

Radisson Blu Restaurant offers large and wide open rooms with large windows great views. Offers normally a 3 course dinner, but sometimes arranges buffet or theme evening with sushi or other exciting themes. 

Peppes Pizza: Treat yourself to Peppes' mouthwatering pizzas with convenient order and pickup options.

Lodge 900 & Cafeen: Elevate your event with our catering services, offering an exceptional catering experience where you can not only pick up or have your order delivered but also have a professional chef bring the gourmet experience to your event!